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Brad Duffell

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Hey raiders,

anyone been to the show this year? i went yesterday and i thought it was quite good, altho they need to make the seating bigger for everything... i didne even have time to look at everything theres that much to do but if you go, go for the night show in the main arena its bloddy fantastic with the ss commodoors ripsnorting around the track doin a much better version of drifting than the japanese rice burning cars could ever do and the freesyle bikes are wicked. what does everyone else think of the show?



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We go every year on Good Friday, as the :wife: rides horses. We normally just go into the Members' Stand and :beersmile::1wine: , except I've now given up drinking. I didn't think the ring events were as good this year as they have been in the past (picked the wrong year to give up drinking!), except of course the bikes and cars, they get better and better every year! :thumbup:

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