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Making Water Fallneed Help


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Hey there fellow raiders,

im in the process of making plans for my next project, im planning on making a water feature for my back yard to go next to my pool.

does any 1 know how to make up ponds ?? ive been told that it is possible to make up water pond using some type of light concrete ??? is that possible ?

does any 1 know where i can possibly find out more information on how to make my own water/ fish pond ??

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you have 3 choices in which materials you can use to make a pond:

-You can either use pvc/rubber lining which u lay on soft sand. It has a 10 year guarantee and thats what i used in my pond. I think it is also the cheapest choice.

- Another thing u can use is concrete. But after it has fully fully you need to treat it with a 'pondtite' product which stops the water evaporating and is safe for the fish. I think it worked out to be $140 for a 4l tin and i needed 8litres..no thanks

- and lastly you can use a pre-made fibre-glass mould, but getting the perfect size is often difficult or impossible.

Since making the pond it has seen my koi grow from 5cm > 30cm in around 2 years. But these buggers eat alot of food which costs around $15 and that only lasts 1 month. And don't make the mistake of putting guppies in the pond. I let go exactly 4 of them in the pond, and in 1 year we now have way over 100 swimming in there. I need to get a bass in there to clean them up :1prop:

So over all we have put shit loads of time and money into it and its not really worth it. In summer Algae becomes a real problem and you need a very powerfull pump and BIG filter that needs to be cleaned weekly.

good luck.

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Don't forget you really should fence it off. You may be putting it in the fenced area of your pool, in which case ignore this post!

Children can drown in very very shallow water!

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thanks for advice domza and boofhead,

the water feature/pond will be going in the little entertainment area next to the pool,

and it is in the fenced off area,

what i am looking at is a three stage waterfall that ends in a fishpond at the bottom, the water will come from the top pond and it will cascade down to the next level which will then cascade down to the bottom level which will hold some type of fish not to sure yet,

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I think the Butyl liner is the best choice for the application

What sort of landscaping were you thinking of around the edges

and what sort of waterfall feature

You can make fake rocks from polystyrene shaped and coated

in bitumous paint like Pabco Hydroseal the cover with sand in the

colour of your choice (used in aquascaping aquariums)

The bitumous paint needs top labelled suitable for potable water

so you know it is human consumption safe and non toxic to fish

I have PM'ed you a link to an article on frogs.org.au tha has ideas

that may help you


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thanks for the pm chris, that link is great,

around the water fall/feature/pond/

i am looking at having palm trees either side and small plants in front, all 3 levels will be supported by wodden frames that will be hidden out of view when it is finished .

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Glad it has given you some ideas

The styro is pretty good to use as it sculpts easy

with an electric knife and gas torch and you can

cut it into a corner

there is also enough room for a cannister filter

to plumb in line and hide the compartment with

another fake rock

as you see there are numerous ways to coat it

so you get the real rock effect

always remember to work safe with goggles,

face mask etc

if you google fake rocks there are lots of sites

we used this technique in display aquariums,

you can also make pockets and have plants,

moss and lichens so it looks old & weathered


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