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its a different thing when a fishraider that has put on a couple of postings has something for sale or swap and wants to share it with all the other members before puting it in the paper or something and different when someone joined today to put something up for sale and never bother to look at the site again please check the date members joined and the date of the add and you'll see what i mean :1fishing1:

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G'day Tony ,

At this point , ANY member can advertise in the swap and sell forum , regardless of how long or short a time they have been members. Rest assured that Admin and the Mods are keeping a close eye on how this progresses , anyone seen to be taking unfair advantage of that forum will be advised accordingly.


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Hi Tony

I hear what your saying mate and have seen it before

but .............

If having them join to sell something fishing related

that is a "private" sale then as Stew says it follows the

site guideline and you never know it might be something

that you have been looking for

Look at it on a positive and think of it as a foot in the door

to getting them as regular forum users

So we can say :1welcomeani: have a :beersmile: and

lets go :1fishing1: maybe they can add to the new members

intro thread here click here for intro


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