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My New Loomis


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hey all

just turned 18 on friday :1happybday: so had a bit of money to spend :1prop:

been looking at this rod for a while and after a lot of thinking....

i bought it :biggrin2:

its a "LiveBait" Mossback 6-17lb - dont think im gonna livebait with a loomis tho... :wacko:

managed to get it down to $275 :yahoo: with a few freebies thrown in :thumbup:

and here are the pics :biggrin2:






:yahoo: i love it alredy






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nice, turning 18 next month myself :P

hopefully ill be able to upgrade some things too :)


shant :1fishing1:

ps. Clifton was veryy quiet today.. all up 2 salmon caught the whole day :S and they were caught around 4pm!

then the weather decided to go against us and rain :1badmood::mad3:


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Guest Reely

Beaut stick, with their lifetime warranty/guarantee how can you go wrong, if you ever break it and its your fault, for the rest of your life, at any time you can get a replacement for $130. Pretty sure thats how it works! Top rods.

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tested it on tuesday

its very nice... can cast a sluggo a mile :thumbup::thumbup:

i didnt get a hookup on it but i got 3 hits from kings and i felt em :1yikes:

overall love the rod... cant stop the praise :)

although i havent hooked a fish on it yet, will have to see how it handles a kingie :biggrin2:

cheers, Tom

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