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Leaving The Harbour April 1st


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A couple of happy snaps leaving the harbour April 1 and returning early April 11.

The cruiser 'escorted us out to the heads, nice touch'.

Wondering if any are raiders? I did give a wahoo as we passed.

I had to add the pilot picture as he was getting off the ship. WOW are those Pilots earn their money, if you are ever on a cruise make sure you watch them getting on and off the ship.

Who were the early birds on Wednesday 11th.

See you all next social.

post-1141-1176627789_thumb.jpg post-1141-1176627810_thumb.jpg post-1141-1176627825_thumb.jpg

post-1141-1176627838_thumb.jpg post-1141-1176627853_thumb.jpg

Can't wait for the next one.

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