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Fibreglass Vs Graphite Vs Composite Vs Carbon Fibre


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I've never had experience with rods other than fiberglass, so I'm hoping other Raiders could tell me how different the four of them feels. I basically want to know which out of the four gives the best casting distance.

I'm asking this because I am up for a new rod seeing I've snapped mine over the weekend. This time i want a really really really good one and none of those cheapies at the mart. I'm only after smaller pelagics. I mainly want a spinning rod that maximizes casting distance just so i can increase my playing field. I want it to be light, about 2-4kg and can cast 7-15gm metal lures maybe 20gm as well. i don't think i'll be doing much bait fishing with it. It'll be mainly used landbased but i don't want it to be longer than 8' because occasionally i do a bit of fishing from a boat. i think my budget can extend to $300. i wouldn't mind going custom as long as i know which material i should pick as a blank. I'm known to buy things on an impulse so this time i'm finding out as much as i could.

Actually I've read from fly fishing websites saying graphite does improve casting distance but doesn't say roughly by how much. I've asked about graphite at a tackle store and they said it would. But it sounded like going to a Hyundai dealer and asking if it drives faster than a Ferrari and the dealer would of course say yes. So I'm not convinced. (exaggerated i know but you get the drift).

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Totally agree with the other guys on this

question you should go visit Tony at Fishfinders

He will teach you more in a hour just talking

you through your options than you will learn in

a life time at most other places

He makes some awesome custom sticks but

he also picks the best off the rack rods for

those that just can't go the extra cashwise

I don't know anyone else that confident in a

modulus graphite blank that they will tap it

on a shelf when it is loaded

Take a drive to Matraville, talk to the man


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