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Watto's 19/05


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Been down to Wattos the last 2 Saturday's .... shame it's in the morning though and I can't take a few jonnie and cokes along!

wattos a champ !

I bought a catch'n'release net today along with a solid graphite spinning rod to replace the broken one and also a new fluro light for the boat but the best part of the morning was what I learnt....


My mrs called busting my nuts a little and demanded to speak to Sean .... actually I never asked you what she said Watto but whatever it was, Sean somehow bought me some time.

Anyway , Watto's got a chicks section!!!!

I'm SOOO taking the Mrs next time, let her shop her heart out on $2 chick crap while I go NUTS on new gear!

God bless you Watto!! :yahoo:

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MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, bit worried about all this swinging chick stuff Watto.

Had better get down there Fri night and check all the action out !

What did you invite Grandfather Ross for ????????????

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