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Anybody heard anything about US Navy ships visiting Sydney next week?

I know there are US military personnel in Queensland for some joint exercises

with our military,but rumours are circulating that we may get a visit from them.

thanking u


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I hope its tommorrow. The boys are on strike down there. But I didn't tell you that either.

It's all a rumour they are really doing boarding and target practice with some Williamstown locals on all the politicians hanging around at Newcastle . Bet you don;t see a polly if things go bad for the Pasha.

New live target - pasha bulker drone- the owners would be pretty happy to see it disappear it looks like a bannana and now have a new A= Hole as well or is that a new live bait tank with surf airater installed.

Ah a visit will mean all the MSB and navy police out doing their thing scaring the fish.

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