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Kingy Outfit

Dan A

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I am looking at getting a combo for Kingies but am on a budget and have been looking at a Penn combo such as the 330 GTi http://www.pennreels.com/01_products...s/gtcombos.htm which retails for about $200 and was going to load it up with 24kg mono.

Would anyone happen to know what sort of drag pressure you can put out on the reel?

Is 24kg Overkill?

Would you have any other suggestions on a combo for $200.



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That is a lot of gear for the money. I don't think you will beat that for around the $200 mark!!

Regarding the line weight, I think you need all the power possible for big Kings, especially around structure. We have been greased on 30lb braid and locked drags on 6000 Stellas. I am going to up my line to 50lb braid for the next season.

One question though, why would you choose mono over braid?


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Mate that outfit will do for you....

That was my first ever kingy outfit, A 330Gti with a Penn Mariner Plus.......

I wouldnt put 50lb on it though, 30lb will do and allow you to put more line on...with 50lb you will be lucky to get 250 metres and even though a kingy wont take that much line you may wanna use this reel for other things like trolling for Stripeys etc...

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