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Tackle In Japan


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I went to Japan last week for work and thought I'd share some photos of a tackle shop I visited.

I stay at a town called Kashiwa which is North East of Tokyo, its not close to the ocean so most of the fishing is lake and river.


Some items are cheap but you need to know the price before leaving Aust.

For example a new 2500 Stella is about $500 - $550 a 4000 is about $600.


Check out the electric reel in the photo it costs about $1,900, biggest reel I've ever seen!

This store was huge, 2 floors, upstairs was full of SP's and jigging lures.

Unless you speak Japanese don't try to ask questions, you need to know exactly what your'e after.


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geez it looks alright in there..

thanks for the pic...

tell us did u buy anything over there? maybe a stella that the :wife: doesnt know about :1prop:

cheers steve

Why not go the whole hog and try and smuggle the big reel past the :wife:

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No I didn't buy anything expensive, just some Yozuri's ($10 ea) some SP's that are a hybrid of hard bodies and soft plastics and a line spool holder that I just found out Watto's has cheaper than what I paid.

I'm going th the US in August for work again will be in Virginia and then New York. might try and check out some stores there.

Here's another photo at the train station in Kashiwa it's a made place during peak hour they have guys with white gloves whose job it is to physically shove you into the train so it can leave on time. This is the 5th year I've been there and I have never experienced a late train!


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