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My Latest Addition, And A Perfect Match


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Hey Guys,

I added the final touch to the 80lb jig stick today, a shimano torsa 30, loaded up to the hilt with 80lb fins braid.

As you can see in the pics Tony has matched the rod components exactly to the torsa! it looks better in real life!




Hoping to get a bend in it this coming week.

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Never bothered to look into it really.... how is it done?

Well I can't find any internet sites on it but if you want I need to make up some more and I can post up some pics with instructions, maybe later this week.

All you need is dacron, tooth floss, quick dry glue, very thin wire and your choice of mono or flurocarbon.

Here is a site to how heavy your dacron should be according to the line test.



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at the top of this link theres a link to making them!

but im puzzled as to how the dacron holds to the mono!

maybe the mushroomed end on the mono is the key?

I can find sites on making them but they are very confusing and take a long time.

There are no sites showing the way I make them is what I should have said.

The dacron works the same way as the Chinese finger-trap does.

The harder you pull, the harder it tightens.


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