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The Great Popper Caper


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I am going to wade the shallows of mainbar tomorrow to see if I can crack the de whiting code :)

and I was wondering if anyone wanted to come along and see if it can be done :D

I will be going about 10-11am as low wont be untill about 13:50.

If a ride is needed and you arent too far from campsie I will be happy to oblige.

I feel that like Tom hanks I will need some help. :1prop:

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After yesterday there half tide out would be a better starting point

but all we saw were small fish, didn't look like anything bigger than

about 15 cm size in the groups that followed the lures and SP

maybe the weekend if the weather stays like this and the warm

currents stay outside things may pick up other wise drown some

bait (worms or nippers) along the sand from Cooks to Brighton

in the Bay for Whiting

Good luck and have fun


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yep that should be ok!

where you will enter the flats youll see a small channel to your left, on the western side if this channel will be better fishing so just find a nice shallow spot and cross over! but watch out for small stingrays even drag your feet! this leads to stingray bay and i can vouch for the amount of rays!(snorkleing) and seen people get stung including my friend!

their fine swiming around you just dont stand on them!

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I read a tip from Steve Starling re the whiting on poppers caper in the most recent Modern Fishing - dunno if it's accurate. He reckons that the pioneers of this method have started using a short 20lb leader to attach the popper, and that the heavier line acts as a keel keeping the popper upright in the water as it is retrieved.

Seems coungter-intuitive to me, but then I very much doubt he's making it up. So if you find you're having trouble tomorrow keeping the lure positioned right in the water, maybe try his suggestion?

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I use a 50cm leader of 14lb vanish when using poppers

A couple of problems I had when using light leaders were tailor biteing off my poppers bream burying themselves in thick weed or running across the flats picking up weed clumps

The short leaders also aid in long casts as the leader knot is outside the tip and not catching on guides on the way through

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