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The Most Annoying And Greedy Fish In The World


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Hey all,

Went out for a fish the other day in and just outside Sydney Harbour mainly in the hope of some Salmon - they are a lot of fun.

We couldnt find any on this particular day which was a shame so we decided to have a bit of a bottom bounce to see if we could get any good mowong or snapper etc.

We got a few trevally of course and then we started getting bitten off. My mate changed to a smaller long shank hook and surprise surprise - up came a leather jacket. They were really in plague proportions. I kept the bigger baits out but changed one rod over to a long shank.

I then caught possibly the most greedy fish in the world. This bastard had 2 of my mates hooks in its mouth (My mate was greatful that he got them back) and a third which was mine that I bought him in on.

The bugger was still eating with two hooks stuck in his mouth.

I had to put up a picture of this greedy a**hole.


The main thing is that we got our hooks back and he cooked up quite nicely. Him and about 10 of his friends. We had a nice big feed.

Hopefully this weekend will give me more success. Saturday I am heading out to chase some Salmon and Kings and then on Monday I will head out for some Jew. Lets see if the Hawksbury can produce some fish for me again!!

Good luck fishing everyone!!

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The leatheries are good for a feed at least.. Move a bit closer into shore and you'll find that they are not there in the same nombers. But then you'll get alot of other rubbish fish there, but at least you'll see what they are without getting bitten off.

Good luck with the hawkesbury....

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I agree with the others. good feed but they end up costing a bit if you add up all the hooks swivels and sinkers they take with them.

A few months ago we went fishing just outside port hacking and we got swamped by them. we ended up with about 30 in 30mins then we couldnt get away from them as they were in plague proportions and cost us a heap of tackle. Pests, but good eating pests.


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