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A Few Blackies But It Was Lean Going!

luderick -angler

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Evening all,

once again apoligies for a lack of pics! Headed out today wit hMark and Dad for the doughboy whilst mark and i were stuffing around dad had a nice legal pig and a big blackie out in the sspace of 5 mins so we thoug ht great action well that was it apart from mark busting on a big fish and a massive pig costing dad one of his custom made rock floats! Well the bump was getting bigger so we headed into the port hacking for a couple of hours and got 4 more blackies between us and i got a 35cm surgeon on the last drift of the day, these surgeon are every where now and at 35cm it gave the old 663 a massive workout!

Thanks to Mark for the day and the ride we'll have to do it again soon.



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Was using the weed (you guys refer to this as the stringy stuff) Dad got the two fish out the doughboy on cabbage all fish in the port were taken on weed tried cabbage but no lookers even though it was in the burley.

Thanks for the PM i used to fish there as a teenager holds some big bream at times and even had school jew take a mullet strip intended for a bream. Most of my blackie rods are two or three piece (they are older than me) so gettinga rod on the bus is no big deal for Dad.

Cheers and tight lines


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cheers royce was a great day out and man did it look like that surgeon was gona be a monster i had never seen a surgeon before it sure did put a bend in the rod they must be one of the strongest fighting fish pound for pound...

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first heres a list of species i.ve caught whilst legitimately fishing for blackfish. here goes, surgeon, bream, tailor, flathead, mullet, leatherjacket, silver drummer, black drummer, black trevally, rat kingfish, salmon, rock kale, sweep and trevally!

My thoughts are this when using silver hooks (it even happens on the bronzed and green hooks) and long weed baits it imitates a baitfish in running water and predatory species that are around especially when theres loads of baitfish mistake the weed bait and attack it either on your drift or the retrieve, other species are omnivorous and scavengers so will take the weed particuarly if there are a lot of the little black shell or shrimps in the weed with which you are also burleying. Some places the weed is gathered has that much extra marine life its not funny i can take you to a creek in surburbia that is 8 foot wide and 4 feet deep that the weed grows in and its full of small shrimp and crabs, well the bream that come in to feed in the weed at times using the shrimp or crab we have caught 4lb bream there on dark! bream in particular love weed when they spawn, one session 4 years ago behind Tempe Station chasing winter blackies saw me bag 8 bream all over 35cm on humble green weed all said fish were fat and roed up that day i caught more bream than blackies.

As i have said many of the seasoned harbour blackfishos have known about surgeon for years, they are meant to be a temperate water fish but i find myself catching them all year round evenin the cold 15 - 16 degree waters that blackies seem to tolerate, they ehave only come to the fore due to the efforts of a charter pro and well is this our next big fad in sportsfish the secerts out there goes the neighbourhood.

Hey by the way jewgaffer you never did say if you were spying on me down at Marrackville! :1prop:

Hope this adds to your vast and enlightening volumes of knowledge you provide us all with.


royce. :beersmile::1fishing1::beersmile:

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