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Windy Spit Session With Pics


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Last night we headed down to spit for a chance to get into some tailor that were seen and caught there on Wednesday.. surely enough they came through but were just too far away from us to cast to..

After a 30 min tussle to no avail and myself and Lurespinner (Tom) producing two squid a piece, Rob started to get a little frustrated/angry.... hahaha... after all he does have a reputation to uphold :P

We decided to move down towards another side near the boats where the tailor were actually within casting distance and managed to hook 4 with two keepers...

Overall a great night even though it was realllllly windy! Just great to be catchin some fish!

Shant :1fishing1:

- Pics will be up soon as I have no time right now.. going to airport.. they will be up when i get back..

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Well done, guys - a couple of squid & a couple of keeper tailor is a good result for a windy night! You've probably got as good a chance of hooking up to a kingie as anything else, too!

Top result!


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Was a fun session, did some wading on the flats around clontarf which was something new for me, prety fun though!, tom managed to drop a nice flattie at his feet about 45~50cm , i managed a smaller model of about 30 :biggrin2: , although i couldnt catch a squid to save my life last night!

Here are those pics -



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