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Offshore Report Sat 17 Nov

Nathan L

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gday raiders,

just thought i'd let you all know how we did yersterday.

up at four with the plan to head to the shelf / browns and have a crack at the 'fin. anyway, it seemed like a beautiful morning, slightly overcast and very still. first stop was at the bottom of the containeral wall / yarra bay for some livies. with a truckload of boats there plus my lack of foresight in bringing some burley (doh! *slaps himself across the forehead*) we thought it would be better just to head out than waste time on the livies. (btw does anyone know anywhere in botany bay that reliably produces slimies?)

so we headed out the heads at about 7ish. unfortunately, the weater became more and more inclement the further we headed out, so that by the time we reached the shelf, a nice ~1m chop was running and it there was white caps everywhere. anyway, we trolled around a bit, then the old man decided to head back in.

on the way back in we came across a bit of 4x2 floating on the surface and so we trolled round that for a bit. second pass and dad takes a look out the back, and it seems that a tiny dolly was on. this poor little guy couldn't even break the rubber bank on the tagline, so he was just skipping along the surface. we brought him in for a pic, but he shook off as i pulled him over. oh well, we were goin to release him anyway.

the rest of the trip in was unenventful. before heading in we decided to hit wedding cake island for kingies. trolled round it a couple of times with minnows, then saw another boat pull in a king while bottom donging. after this we cut the motor, and dropped back some nasty-ass, old, smelly pillies. thankfully the little kingies weren't too fussy. they were biting really well, and over the hour and a half, we hooked probly round 8-10 and landed around 6. none were legal, but when a fish can pull as hard as they did, it didn't really bother me.

anyway, here's a pic of one of the kings


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You gotta love those rat kings & i agree, who cares if you have to throw them back when fish of that size

can still give you some serious stick,especially on light threadline gear.

They are great fun to catch & when they are in that mood like you

found them,its even better.

cheers mate;


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