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Any Advice On Lord Howe Lbg


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Hey guys goen up to Lord Howe for crissy and most of the time will be fishen off the rocks....any body got any tips/rigs or tackle that I should take..... I do a fair bit of kingy fishen up here but I have heard they go hard out there haha



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Hi Jack

WIth a name like Kingy Kid, I'd be asking the olds to give you a Xmas Pressie of a ticket to one of the Charter boats so you can have a go at those Real Kingies! THey grow them in 2 sizes over there - BIG & BIGGER!! Huge, actually!

They also have blue fish called 'double Headers' that hang around the rocks & the locals target them with handlines, I think, & bits of crab. Strong line is required as you have to turn their heads immediately they are hooked or they skunk you in the rocks.

They have the fish feeding at one of the beaches there - every day -- take your video & get some shots! Big fish come in ...... but you are not allowed to fish that area! :(



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There is a spot called the Old Gulch that they fish for kings. I caught plenty of silver drummer there on my honeymoon but didnt try for Kings.

The local guru is Garry Crombie. He runs Oblivienne Sportsfishing, so you can charter him or just ask him where to LBG


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gday mate,

I lived on lord howe for a while when i was a kid and thats what got me interested in fishing so ive been back afew times over the years aswell. It truly is an awesome place and as roberta said get out with a guide if u can afford it. I went out with gary crombie afew times over the years and would highly recomend him. Try to avoid some of the handline charter boats aswell.

Standard lbg methods apply over there. I wouldnt go under 24kg but some truly big fish are a real possibility so dont be afraid to go heavier. Also a light 2-3 kilo outfit to catch gars which are usually the prime kingy bait over there. While ur weighting for a live bait to go off u can amuse urself with other species at ur feet! U can catch huge silver drummer everywhere on LHI on un weighted pieces of bread aswell as trevallys, bluefish, salmon and many more. Also an unweighted crab might get u a double header which are unique to LHI and an awesome table fish. I'd use a solid 10-15 kilo threadline outfit for these which would also double for tossing metals at bait-bird activity. A gaff and a net that can be used off the stones is a must. U can hire them at thompsons store if u dont take them over with u.

Places like old gulch, new gulch, clear place, rocky run and even off the sand at the base of the mt gower and lichbird are all great but they all require a bike ride then a walk through the bush so pack as light as u can. Even the jetty produces good fishing! Visit neds beach where u can swim with and feed fish like gars, mullet, whiting, reef fish, huge trevors, huge salmon and drummers and serious 30 kg kings in a couple of feet of crystal clear water. Realy is a one in a million..

3 outfits should have u covered. Also the guides are happy to direct u on rock fishing options on days when ur not on a charter. Check out oblivienne #####ings sight for details.

I wish i was going with you! please bring back some pics. :biggrin2:

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Thanks heaps for the spots and tackle.... Im booked in for a couple of days on greenback charter but apparently they keep the fish you catch haha, hope I can get some monsters off the rocks, do the kingys take poppers and plastics of the stones?

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Kingy Kid

I have just been to Lord Howe 1/11 - 8/11. A great time.

While there I went out with Green back charters and had a great afternoon fishing.

We were about 10 kms out - catching livies, watching the dolphins and preparing to catch kingfish.

6 on the boat fishing was fairly crowded and would suggest you try to have only 4 otherwise everyone is along one side of the boat.

Between the 6 of us - we all hooked into kingfish that hit the bait like a runaway train and are chased by sharks. I have 2 bitten off by sharks and ended up pulling in a 6' shark. All up 4 kingfish boarded with one have two bites out of it (sharks), 6 sharks pulled along side and released, 3 black cod pulled in and very quickly returned to the water.

It turned out very rough on the way back and we bounced our way back into the lagoon where David (I thnk that was the skippers name) cleaned the fish giving the scraps to small sharks, after which he took the fish home and filleted them dropping off a nice supply to all those on boatd.

A great afternoon.

I did notice that some rock fishermen were taken out by the small glass bottom boats and deposited on ledges, I believe just at the edge of the lagoon or maybe outside it. They report great fishing and had brought all their own gear, where on the charter it was all supplied.

I had hoped to fish off the pier that was unfortunately in the process of being refurbished but it had big fish hanging around and available to catch if you were lucky. It will probably be finished when you go.

I hope you have a great trip.

If you want to ask anything please feel free to contact me - PM is OK or reply to this and I should get it.



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Im booked in for a couple of days on greenback charter but apparently they keep the fish you catch haha,

Dave Gardiner who runs Greenback Charters has been a mate of mine for 20+ years now ever since he used to bludge a ride out with me in Sydney Harbour when he was about 16 years old.

Runs Geeenback Charters as well as Fish"n" Fillet that supplies the island with Fresh fish and some imported seafood.

post-473-1196476270_thumb.jpg post-473-1196477003_thumb.jpg post-473-1196476695_thumb.jpg

Fish Caught

Due to the high need for fresh fish at Lord Howe, Fish Lord Howe Pty Ltd reserves the right to sell all catch beyond your immediate requirements.

He will always supply you with enough fish (if you catch any) for a few feeds while your there but cannot give away All the fish that are caught as it helps to keep the Charter Rates as low as possible.

Just tell him "Big Kenny" will kick his AR#E if he doesn't look after you.

You should have no problems finding a Land Based location while you there as it will never be crowded because on the Limited bed numbers allowed on the Island.

As said before fish as heavy as possible as they don't talk about Kingies over there under 30 KG's.

You WILL enjoy your trip there as there is no place like LHI

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Thanks heaps for the spots and tackle.... Im booked in for a couple of days on greenback charter but apparently they keep the fish you catch haha, hope I can get some monsters off the rocks, do the kingys take poppers and plastics of the stones?

The kings over there arent as fussy as sydney kings and will happily chase all lures and wolf down frozen chunks of pink packet squid, wish it was like that in sydney! :biggrin2:

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