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Thanx Netic And Big Steve


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Thanks Oz and Steve!!!

These are the jewies I caught with the squid you guys gave me. I also got 3 kings as well. They were nothing to write about being about70cm.....but those which busted me off earlier are another story.


This is the biggest one. Had to get home to take the photo. I got another 2. I released these fish unharmed but kept a smaller fish for the table


These fish were a present to Ophet for his house warming. Been getting a lot of jew lately. In the last 2-3 weeks the jewie count is pretty good. See you guys out there! Cheers Kelvin

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:1yikes: great jew there kelvin... :thumbup:

sounds like you had a great day... did you get them downrigging for kings or did you target them......

from kingy master to jew master... :1worthy:

great stuff netic and steve :thumbup: on chippin in with the livies.... what makes this site the best.....

cheers.... steve.....

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Many thanks to Oz and Steve!!! The wind was up, it was pouring with rain and I ran out of bait. I was about to go catch some more but didn't like my chances. Then oz calls me and offers me squid......got the boat at full throttle and met steve and oz at the spit. Thanks!! CHeers Kelvin

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