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Wheres The Best Beach Spots In Sydney?


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Just like to know if anyone has any ideas on which beach would be best to go fishing in sydney,a little light around there would be good (due to a possible night fish) but not really important,Also the fish i would like to target would be tailor,salmon or jewies,any ideas would be great,Thanks. :1fishing1:

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All Sydney beaches will produce those three target species, although for the most consistent results on Jews you should consider Narrabeen and Cronulla.

Personally, though, I fish Maroubra and find it to be a pretty good beach. A fair bit of light up the North end at night too.

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Good question and just with Cronulla, which beachs are we looking at.

I know wanda beach is a good spot but you cant reach that place unless you have a 4wd which i cant do (correct me if im wrong).

You may be confusing Wanda with Boat Harbour or Green Hills. There is car parking at Elouera and Wanda.

It's only a short walk to Green Hills from Wanda. Boat Harbour is where you can access part of the beach with 4WDs.

In case you're interested, the beaches of Bate Bay from South Cronulla heading north are:

South Cronulla, North Cronulla, Elouera, Wanda, Green Hills and Boat Harbour.

I hope this helps.


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