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Catching Livies In Botany Bay


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I'm having difficultly locating a good spot in botany bay to catch livies....the usual spots like the corner of the breakwall and yarra beach have produced nothing on the last two occassions and boats absolutely hammer this spot...where else in the bay can u pull in livies in quick succession?



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mate the last 3 times out (all this month) ive hit that spot and there have been swarms under the boat!

10m out from the big rock, over the weed, sunrise, bread and tuna oil bit of pillie! cant go wrong!

Yeh same... Mollinouex Pt. Use your sounder and drop your baits right on them! Too easy.. Although I dont anchor. I find where they are and then use electric to stay on top.

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dave i was waiting for a charter late last year watching an old guy catch them on the warf just on the northwest side of captain cook bridge!

Thats the spot that I cant get em. Maybe just wrong time, wrong boat and wrong bloke on the end of the rod.


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Hi Dave, Roudy. The Marina near Tom Ugly's is a good spot early morning and if not enough action, you'll find they'll be on the opposite side around Baldface whatever suits them, if there not at Yarra you'll get them at Kurnell


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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