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Renovation Of My Rod From Fishfinder Rod Works


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Hi all

I currently noticed on my wilson/kilwell Js 680 spin rod it had a broken stripper guide and that the bindings where swelling.As this rod is special to me (first rod i bought) 20 years ago to this christmas.

I decided to head down to Tony (fishfinder bait and tackle/rodworks) to see what could be done.

I could have changed to guide and used it until the the rod broke (due to binding swelling).

But i decided to turn it into a full rebuild

so all runners where removed and all thread work, but leaving reel seat and grips along

We decided on hardloy fuji guides and a weird thread colour which Tony was not sure on.

I then decided to shape the grips as they where still 20 years old square edged and felt a little thick.

All in all i am over the moon with the renovation to the rod and hope it lasts another 20 years

thanks Tony i love it. :thumbup::thumbup:

now has a new reel to suit twinpower 4000

Okay some may think why have i gone to this extent.It is the first rod i bought and has lots of great memories attached to it. Also why retire it ,It,s a great rod.

here are some pics




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