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Pittwater Pbs


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Headed out on Sunday with Adam. Had a mate of mine on board for the first time. It was his birthday and he wanted to catch his first kingy. Headed out to the squid grounds nice and early only to find heaps of baitfish being smashed periodically by what we thought was kings. Quickly exchanged squid jigs for 3inch clear minnows. I landed a tailor, then my mate hooked a king and lost it after about 20 seconds. Then he lands what looked like a pike and then he was on again. 15 minutes later I netted a 76cm king. It was caught on a 2-4kg rod, 8lb fireline and 10lb leader. My mate also picked up a small cobia (about 40cm) a little later.

Not to be entirely outdone, I managed a 74cm king on the same sp & 10lb braid (pb king for me and 1st on lure which I borrowed from Adam who was unlucky and couldn't hook an anchor rope that day if he tried). Here are the pics...a nice birthday present for my mate who you see fighting the second king. Thanks go to Adam for skippering on the day and going home emptyhanded.






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Well done Kit. Some respectable kings from Pitty

as opposed to the harbour for a change.

A good sign if the larger kings are turning up there.

Glad your mate managed his first kingy on his birthday...better than

getting socks :1prop:

Hope to read more pittwater king reports very soon.



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Awesome kings guys!

Whereabouts can you launch a boat in Pittwater? I'll be picking up a new Hobie kayak next weekend and can't wait to test it out on some Kingies.

Would just like to know where I can launch from and then paddle/pedal over to find some Kingies.

Thanks in advance


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what a mate you are kit to put your mate onto a kingy for his birthday :thumbup: ...

great effort guys and good to see some kings with size about em in pitty :yahoo: ...

hi marty, you can launch a yak easily at claireville beach and try around the many moorings etc there all way up to stokes point....

great benefit is if you get lucky there is bbq at beach to cook up some fresh lunch... mmmmmm.....

can get busy there on nice weekends though......

cheers... steve....

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