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Flatties Galore


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Gday raiders, had a trip to north curl curl planned to fish from the rocks for some kings as a couple of you know but had to resort to plan b after seeing the conditions a little closer, so off to narrabeen we go with the flick sticks to hopefully bring home a couple of flatties for lunch. Got to the spot at 6.15 with a rising tide peaking at about 10 oclock nice and overcast slight southerly blowing from behind us, conditions were great for the location we were fishing and we were quietly expecting to get a couple, i was first to get rigged up so off i went wading out onto the flats with the trusty 80mm black and silver squidgy fish, cast out into slightly deeper water start doing the old double twitch wind in the slack and bam fish on after a short tussle and sighting of a nice lizard he shakes the hook :1badmood: but not bad for the first cast of the day, oh well back into it and a couple of casts later bam on again, this time i managed to land a lizard of about 40 cm then my mates on hes fishing lighter line and lures than me and has a great fight with an excellent bream of approx 40cm woohoo, then im on again another lizard but a fair bit larger im thinking by the fight he was putting up before he also shakes the hooks and fights another day not too worry were feeling real confident now then off goes my mate again and this is a serious fish he has on here get him in close enough to see a mother of a flatty before she busts him off on his 6 pound leader sawed straight through it and off she went i reckon she was around 65 - 70 that one would have went back anyway but a picture would have been nice, camera shy. the action was hot and it continued all up i hooked up 9 flatties landed 5 and landed 1 just legal bream who was released, my mate with the more finnesse aprroach managed to land 3 bream and lost 3 flatties 1 monster. A great day on the lake and i cant wait to have another go, this time well be taking a small landing net as 90% of the fish we lost was at our feet walking to the shore, go the plastics :1prop: gotta get pics from my mate to show yaz

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When I'm wading I take one of those spring-loaded fish grabbers(I don't know what the bloody things are called);I've yet to drop a fish once I get a grip on the lip with it.Sounds like you guys didn't miss anything by passing on Curly-nice backup plan!



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