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Cod Limit Cut In Sa


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Cod limit cut in SA

New restrictions on catching murray cod will apply from the new year in South Australia.

The daily bag and boat limits for recreational fishing will decrease from two fish to one and the minimum size will be increased to 60 centimetres.

The annual closed season for murray cod will be extended to run from August until December.

SA Fisheries Minister Rory McEwen says the tougher restrictions are a response to a reduction in the species because of the drought.

Some extra info:

South Australia moves to protect iconic Murray Cod

Thursday, 13 December 2007

The South Australian Government has moved to protect the iconic Murray Cod by imposing new daily bag, boat and minimum size limits for recreational fishers.

SA Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister, Rory McEwen, says the new limits are in response to concerns about reduced numbers of Murray cod in the South Australian section of the River Murray and the current protracted drought.

"PIRSA Fisheries has reduced the daily bag and boat limits that apply to recreational fishing for this species. The minimum size limit has been increased and the annual closed season for Murray Cod will be extended," Mr McEwen says.

"When the current closed season ends on December 31, 2007, the daily bag limit for Murray cod will be one fish (previously two).

"The boat limit (where three or more people are fishing from the boat) will be three (previously six).

"The minimum legal size limit will be 60 cm (previously 50 cm). The maximum legal size limit will be maintained at 100 cm.

"The closed season, designed to protect Murray cod during their breeding season, will now commence on 1 August (previously September 1) and continue until December 31 each year."

Updated signposting, advising fishers of the new regulations, will be erected at key locations over the coming weeks.

The changes will also be reflected in a re-print of the recreational fishing guide and on the PIRSA Fisheries web site www.pir.sa.gov.au/fishing.

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