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Brisbane Waters


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Anyone got a report for Brisbane waters???????

hi Ads

the young fella and i went out last weekend and got a few blue swimmers up toward point claire (just legal size)then over to paddys where we got alot of undersize bream and a couple of little flounder we were about to go home when the young fella got a flatty about 40cm which with the crabs made an enjoyable feed

all in all seems a bit quiet to me for this time of year most boats i see arent staying in 1 spot for long which mormally means they arent getting much hopefully things will pickup soon

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Hi Ads,

Went out on Sunday morning for little result. I was mainly running-in my new motor, plus a huge high tide and lots of floating weed (the two go together) made fishing difficult.

Fishing reports in the local paper confirm what Arked said, other than for a few crabs, soapy jew and the odd flattie, not a great deal happening as yet. The weather has also been a bit wild in recent weeks, with lots of wind and storms.

Hopefully, the weather will settle down and fishing will improve in the new year. Many of us locals lie low over the Christmas and New Year holiday period, when the local waterways become crowded with lots of visiting holiday makers.

Much better towards the end of January, when the school holidays end and it's nice and quiet again. Often more fish around as well.



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went out today for a Sp throwing sesh.............. with my brand new bow mount i might add, and i don't know how i ever fished without it!!!!

Me and my mate got around 13 flatties, most legal, including my mate's PB 61cm, and then a 55cm, a 51cm, and a 45cm. The rest were about on legal. They all lived though.

Got 2 bream and 2 tailor. There was a bit of life, but i know it can get better.

The rip has been producing just on, or around legal Jews...... so i've heard anyway.

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Gave myself an early mark Friday afternoon. Flicked the new (for me anyway) Squidgie Stealth Prawn - wasabi for a few hours at the top of Paddys channel - nothing. Then around the main channel at St Hubberts Is - 1 X 45cm flattie.

Took the 3 X squid I spun up in Paddys (when I felt them on the Stealth prawn I chucked in a squid jig) and set out near the Rip Bridge for the 8pm bottom of the tide. Result:

- a banjo ray

- a HUGE pike eel

- Mr Big - probably a good sized shark (bull shark?) as I was bitten off on 20lb fluoro after a run that was like hooking a bus. No head shakes or anythig so no chance it was a jew.

Out of bait by 9am so headed home for a few quiet ones. Lovely warm evening on the water though.

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