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The Fruits Of Lake Oberon

PJ Garn

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Hi guys and gals

I ventured up to Oberon midweek to do a spot of fishing. Nothing great to really report other than a great time had!!! Oh and another poem!!! :thumbup::thumbup:

The tally for the 30 hour adventure is one goldfish (approx 15cm), one Rainbow Trout (0.82kg/2lb) at Oberon.



One Redfin (0.76kg/1lb 10oz) on the Fish River after a two hour lure throwing sesh... I also missed a small trout and an absolute beauty from a shallow rapid run!!!

At least the river is recovering from the drought!!!!



What a beautiful fish!!! And great eating too!!!

And three small Bass from Lake Lyell on the way home!!! :biggrin2:



Plump little Bass!!! What beauties are in Lyell


Not a bad day and a bits fishing in anyone's books!!! I took the Rainbow and the Redfin and enjoyed a lovely meal with my wife and parents on Thursday evening... :1gathering:

Oh and yes I cooked!!!!

The Fruits of Lake Oberon

There is a place,

This place I’ve come,

Since just a boy,

A few years younger some.

When first we came,

A family and looked,

It rained and blew,

But I was hooked.

With your cool Alpine Waters,

Rolling hills and rocky outcrop shows,

You can be hotter than hell,

Or so cold it snows!!!

I’ve lain on your banks,

Fished all through the night,

To be woken the next morning,

By Jack Frosts cruel bite.

In July I come,

For a special reason,

To harvest wild apples,

It’s then, they’re in season.

I’ve fished your fair shores,

More times than I care to remember,

But I always come back,

January to December.

Now sadly in drought,

As your waters decline,

Trees and grasses now grow,

Where once I wet a line.

I've loved your Magpies singing,

And Ducks calling through the mist,

Grey Kangaroo who jumped my bonnet,

A close shave too many... I insist.

The Stars in your Skies,

Shine brightly up here,

The Planets and Milky Way,

Visibly they’re clear!

I’ve introduced many,

To your appeals and trappings,

It’s hard recall,

All the people... the happenings.

One day in the future,

No longer indulging my passion,

They’ll bring me back to you,

To scatter me ashen.

Now to my adventure current,

So far I’ve been rewarded just one,

Happy with my two pound Rainbow,

And the fruits of Lake Oberon.

And although the poem is about Oberon here's a pic that I took at Lyell on the way home... it had been raining and the clouds cleared just as the sun was doing it's thing on the hillside opposite before it disappeared for the day!!! I took it as a series of shots and joined them on the PC when I got home!!!!


Lovely Lake Lyell

Thanks for reading and cheers as always

PJ Garn

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