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Fishing Rod And Reels


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Hi Guys,

i am looking at buying a second rod and reel, At the moment i have a Overhead rod and reel, i am looking at buying a egg beater and rod for the longer casts, I fish for Bream flatty's ect, can someone help me out with a good size rod and reel and what would work well for what i want?

would prefer Diawa or abu Garcia as its what i am use now,

Help would be appreicated



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A bit more information would be a great help Jeremy , , where do you want to use it ( landbased , boat , beach , river etc ) , and how much do you want to spend ? Do you wnat to use SPs , bait or live bait?


Hey Ross,

I want to use it land based, river and from my Kayak ( i9n the river), i use bait and lures only, what is Sps?

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