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Fishing The Flats Ph


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Went out this morning at 8:30 to try my new combo ( Stradic 1000 and a T- Curve bream spin) i was fishing the run out tide on the drop off.

Lures used

3" Bassminnow in Pearl white

3.5" Firebait in natural

3" Bassminnow in Pink lemonade

I finished fishing at 10:30 with a total of 3 Flathead (all released) Biggest went 67cm. 60, 47cm

The only colour that the flathead would touch were the Pink Lemonade, they go really well.

Also there was a lot of surface action taking place, salmon were hitting the whitebait, shame i couldn't christen my new combo on one of them!

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Nice work :thumbup: Ive been meaning to go down there and give the PH flats a go, I haven't fished there before. Were you wading or on the shore?

Thanks man!

I waded in, but im sure you could snare a few if you drifted the flats with a yak or something.

Try places like Lilli Pilli, Maianbar, and Swallow rock ( Grays Point)

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That's a great little session & some nice flatties,

thanks for sharing some info on the plastic's

that worked for you.You gotta love the 3in

bass minnow!

well done


Thats fine, every day i find they go for something else.

I.e Baitfish hang at the drop off, so i try and match the hatch, however doesn't always work.

So far in this particular spot i have used,

3' Smelt Scales Bassminnow

3' Bloodworm Bassminnow

3' Pearl Bassminnow

3' Pink lemonade Bassminnow

3.5' Firebait in natural

75mm Squidgie black and gold fish.

So its really a hard task to find out what the fish like and where they are sitting, of course once you get one, then i find that i get

Now im practicing C & R so if you happen to come across a 60 cm model with a ' Pink lemonade' plastic in its mouth you know its mine! :1prop:

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