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Caught My First Fish!


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Caught my first fish on Newcastle Harbour, Monday arvo. The SE wind was blowing like mad so stuck to the southern edge of the harbour, when the surface rippled and the birds started swooping. Whitebait ? 1/2 inch long being chopped up. I spun my smallest silver metal and in the last 3' of water got nailed by the smallest tailor in the world! under 3 inches! Heroically, I wet a towel, put down the gaff, and gently released the monster. It was hard to be serious after that! Are there any good spots up this way? I've only just got the boat up here and have a lot to learn. "Aunty"Mal. :1fishing1:

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great work aunty,

the fact that you caught it on a lure a least makes up for the size......

I don't fish up there but if you don't get any responses hit the local tackle shop. Given you have a boat you'll have to work out what your fishing preference is as Newcastle has a whole host of fishing opportunities...

good luck

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