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Hey raiders, I just recently went up to queensland for a holiday with family. While i was up there i did a little bit of fishing and purchased a new fishing rod :biggrin2: , i went and stayed at kirra beach and went fishing in collongatta in the little creeks that run off from the beaches it was great while i was up there i caught my first ever flathead and then more followed i was stoked!!! I had never caught flathead before and also have never eaten then but i would have to say it was one of the nicest fish i had ever tasted! I also did a bit of fishing off kirra beach and caught a 4 foot shovel nose ray also a first timer lol

Now my question is im back in campbelltown and would like to go fishing for flathead haha i was thiking about going to port hacking, could anyone assist with and famous spots or even different locations for flathead?? Any help would be much appreciated :biggrin2:

Cheers Chris


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Hi Chris

Landbased has been working the Port Hacking area and has some great results

from both sides of the estuary

Search for Mainbar, Gunamatta, Bundeena and Port Hacking

here is one link fishing Mainbar

Note it was the out tide that they fished and I suggest you get there before half tide

as there is a large flat before it drops off and look for the run off gutters

Hard to beat a fresh Flatty fillet :thumbup:


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