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Botany Bay


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Hit the bay early with the father & brother in law(on their boat).Slightly windy and a bit choppy.

Headed over towards towra to try a drift but the wind wasnt really helping.The father in law hooked up first,thought he had something decent,abit of weight and a slight pull.He pulls up a very nice size toad :tease: . I was next,to hook up and managed a just undersize bream(24.5cm).

The wind was a pain so decided to try the other side of the bay,over near brighton.The wind was abit better and the drift abit slower now all we needed were some fish.It didnt take long and we were all hooked up,we pulled in about 15 whiting most just under legal,but did manage 4 legals around the 30cm mark.

We then came across a patch of pinkies that were fun to play with on light gear,Geez they hit hard for their

size.I then hooked up to something that felt slightly different and pulled in a bream of about 20cm that had the weirdest head ive have ever seen(photo on brother-in-laws camera to follow). It had a big bite mark on it,suffered some time previously as a result it had a hump like a snapper with a big concave part behind it,It must have been lucky to survive it.

When then decided to move again,and did a drift more towards the sailing club.The brother in law managed to catch 2 of the smallest flatties ever :tease: and i managed to catch 1 that went 40cm.After that we had a couple more drifts where i managed to catch one of the little ones that decided to spike me while unhooking it :mad3: and the brother in law caught a small one aswell.

All in all a good day on the water,back home by 1130am

Tally for the day

1 legal flatty, 4or5 small ones.

approx 15 whiting-4 legal

approx 30 pinkies

about 6 bream

a toad :1prop:

and 1 small occy.



P.s everything was caught on live nippers except my legal flatty which took a frozen prawn. :wacko:

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Well done on your catch, I have also pulled a few Bream out of the

bay, and they were like the one u described with a bit missing

just behind the head, and I have seen a few others on this site also.

Im starting to think that maybe they are not wounds or scars but some sort

of abnormality that the Bream are born with,


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