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Quiet In The Yak


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Hi Guys

Haven't wet a line in salt water for a while ..... I have been recovering from my exhausting effort down the Snowies!!

Went out in the yak just after 6am this morning - nice & sunny but the :1badmood: wind came up again & annoyed me greatly! Also, even tho it was the top of the in tide, it was still really dirty after all the rain up here. Big 2m tide today, so I was paddling across racks in the leases to get to the channels in between each rack. Had a couple of flattie hits, but no hook ups. Saw a couple landed by landbased folk tho.

Good to see the Water Police out .... a twit on a jetski was hooning up & down a 4knot zone, going well over 20, I reckon! I'd advised him of the speed limit, but he wasn't interested. Just as he was about to head out again, the cavalry arrived & pulled him over to the shore, requesting all sorts of documents from him!!

This pm, Keith wanted to go for a swim, so I put my hand up & would give the blackies another go - been quite a while since my last try! Tide was down, so was able to get into the pond & gather some nice weed. First cast & bites straight away! Caught a few undersized ones that went back into the drink. Then the bigger ones came on the chew. One busted me off & the others were just 30cm, so I put them back too. They give a feisty fight for their size. I could have sworn they should have been bigger!

May try again tomorrow morning on the high tide!

Looking forward to Sails coming up in early Jan - we'll hit the beaches, bays & breakwall! Jewgaffer may also drop in for the night on his way back to Sydney about 11th Jan.

Best wishes for Xmas & the new year


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