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Jig Heads Cost Me Two Flatties


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Fishing the Hacking today I used a new batch of Berkley 1/32 jig heads. I was fishing flats and with the wind behind me the smaller size was pefect.

Unfortunately the first hook up lasted only till the first head shake and I wound in an empty line. Expecting to find a chewed piece of leader I instead found my loop knot still intact. Obviously the line had pulled through the gap in the jig eye.

On the next one I squeezed the eye tighter with pliers and rerigged. Next drift I hooked up on a nice flattie and when I got him to the boat he gave one last shake and I ended up with the same result, loop knot intact and no fish.

Needless to say those jigheads have found their way into the bin.


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Yea, there is no need for the loop knot, the flatties are coming back aren't they. Well done as i have read some stuff that you have been saying and you haven't had much luck with the soft plastics.

I like to use Gama jigheads or TT jigheads.

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Use a uni knot to the jighead

I agree with andrew but 1 thing else try and keep your lizards head underwater until you have it netted as they wont thrash there head around at all and you wont be loosing fish or jigheads. :1fishing1:

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