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Monster Mulloway


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Hi Raiders,

Well its true - big mulloway like the full moon.

I am posting this on behalf of Ralph and Carlo and mate who caught this fish.

I was lucky to be there to watch as i was fishing the same area.

An awesome fish and plenty of skill was used to get this mother to the boat with a good gaff job to boot.

I reckon she could be 25kg.

As its not my story i am not going to include details as its their story to be told if they want too.

Onya Ralph. Bloody awesome mate. :thumbup:

PM me Ralph with your email and i can send you three hi rez shots.


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:1yikes: thats one awsome jew... congrats to all involved.....

definitely fish of a lifetime.......

looks like my decision to stay local instead of trying middle harbour was a bigger mistake than first thought.....

how goods xmass bbq gonna be at there house... mmmmmmm jewy steaks...........

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Thankyou to Michael for posting the article.

Michael was right on the money with the weight of the fish - 25Kg.

Lenght was 142cm.

My dad Carlo caught the fish on a fresh yellowtail slab.

We had been cleaning some fish and were just about to leave when the smallest rod on board got absolutely smashed.

My dad had only bought the rod yesterday (a cheap 5 - 10 kg outfit ).

The Molloways first run stripped over 150 metres of line. We though we were going to lose it amongst the moorings. We decided to chase the fish as we could not make any headway. The second run stripped even more line and we were about to be de-spooled.

Eventually after a 45minute fight, the fish was landed to the relief of my dad and the applause of an armada of boats that had cirled around us. We were very surprised with the size of the fish.

The fish had taken us over a 1km journey.

We had the fish weighed at Narrabeen Bait and Tackle - Thanks Mark.

Merry Christmas to everyone on Fishraider

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Now, THAT is a fish!! Well done Waloo (and :1welcomeani::1welcomeani: to Fishraider!) What a first post!

There were so many opportunites to lose the fish, but your Dad (or whoever was in charge of the rod) stayed cool, calm collected & got it in (with the assistance of the boat driver, obviously!!)

Terrific report!



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