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Nice Kingis On Big Mackerel


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My fishing buddy came down with the flu real quick so went out solo today :05: got out a little later than I hoped for, but about 7am I'm between the heads smashing mackerel again on the ultralite spin gear, bait tank full & more for berley in 10 mins, then it's downrigger time. 5 mins into it braid hisses thru the guides, rod doubled over but not pulling drag an undersize rat is released unharmed. one mackerel later off she goes again, stump pulling torque on this one. Max drag & crazy angles on the rod but the hook pulls - oh well. had a couple of misses, the mongrels pinched the fish off the hook. another 2 just but the heads are too close to the tails.

Setup again around Vaucluse & the next mackerel died an instant painless death - he got hammered :1prop: as for myself I was having the life drained out of me at full lock! Little bit of a solo gaff trick & I've got a xmas gift for the chef. Merry xmas bro!!

He took the slimies too, reckons with a lot of salt and a little spice and about a week they are gourmet...the Chef knows best. Shame to have gone out solo today, was another champagne day & would have been sweet to share :1fishing1:

The mackerel in the pic are 10"-12"long. Rat kingis have no issue smashing these size baits, & the big boys love 'em. Every kingi is pinned by the stinger double, we just leave it to waft around about an inch behind the slimy's tail. seem to have a better hookup rate than pinning the hook to the bait. Have not had one hookup on the tow hook. I think that's a clue to find bigger kingis!!

:1happybday: Jesus



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Well done. It seems that you're right about the Kingies current preferred diet. Are you using the Macks as slowswimming live baits too or just down riggng them?

We trolled slimy look-alikes along south head for a quick bash before Christmas Eve and scored a just legal king. Unfortunately it's gills came out of it's mouth due to the depth inside its throat to which the lure had reached. Otherwise it would have gone back.

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