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Forecast was good and it was the first day of my short holidays. Got to the Haven Boat ramp at 5.15 and no other boats about - so all good - we set about catching some yakkas. Head off up north and the first 2 yakkas in the water (ie the little bite sized ones) get smashed but no hook-ups??? A quick check revealed one hook had reversed into the head, and the other bait was just pinched. Anyway, 2 more baits in the water, and as soon as fish showed on the sounder we would hook up.

A lot of little ones, but a couple of crackers around 78cm and really well built. Ran out of livles pretty quickly and went to the dead gar/pink squid combo wich produced a lot of little ones 60-65 but one at 67cm. Trolled lures and got a few more.

Back at the ramp at 11. Going out again Thursday and will probably have similar game plan as apparently there isnt much else on unless you want to go wide and chase dollies. The charters boats are only chasing flathead I heard. Happy to hear if there are other options.

The Poacher

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In answer to the questions -

- there are plenty of yakkas, and apparently there are slimies around but I didnt see any

- I beleive there are dollies out wide but havent seen any at the ramp

- I am on holidays and I will be out again tomorrow or Friday.

See you all out there,


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