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Nice Blackies Off Tuncurry Breakwall


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Hi guys

Haven't been fishing much for blackies recently - only had the odd throw backs off Forster wall & occasional good hit, so was having a break! However, that is about to change .......

Keith went for a run on 9 Mile Beach this morning, so I thought I may as well chuck my rod in & give it a go on Tuncurry wall. Went to Spot X but the tide was running in sooooo fast, I had to fish the swimming pool side - where I had never done any good in the past! Pretty quickly I got a couple of throwbacks on weed. Then I got a big one! Eventually got him to the surface & reached for the net ..... for him to spit the hook! He would have been 40cm easily! :1badmood: We have some "Vegequarians" arriving in 2 days (vegetarians that eat fish!) so was hoping to add some fish to the larder!

After missing that one & seeing some more monsters still prowling around, I stayed there rather than going with my thought of moving over to the main breakwall! A buddy came down to me & said that they had been bagging out on really good fish near the yellow pole, so I followed him to see the blood trail! Lots of blood on the rocks there, indicating good catches.

Went home for a late breakfast & present opening, with the thought of returning at high tide to fish the slack. However it bucketed with rain today & so we stayed home instead! About 4.30pm it was clearing & I gathered some cabbage & trotted over to Tuncurry!

A young bloke had just hooked a big blackie on prawn & his buddy gaffed it for him! It would have been 40cm, I reckon! Nice fish! Pretty quickly I had my gear in the water & was on to my first fish! Not long after, I was on to my 2nd fish. These guys couldn't believe it! There were 3 of them & they had 2 fish in total. Then I got a really nice fish that snagged me onto something deep down - the rod was buckling but I couldn't retrieve it. :mad3: I didn't want to lose the fish, so backed off a bit, hoping it would release itself. It didn't. I clambered across the rocks, about 20m to the left, hoping I could pull it off the snag, but couldn't. All the while, the fish was bucking the rod up & down. By now, there were about 20 people watching from the walkway! Finally, I took a chance & gave it a real tug & the snagged line snapped, releasing the fish to the surface! :thumbup: Woohoo!! :yahoo: A really nice 39cm blackie!

Then things went really quiet for a while & I showed the young bloke how to set up for blackies & gave him some cabbage. He had a float, so weighted it up & gave it a go without luck. I reckon he'll be back again tomorrow!! They eventually started to head off just before 7pm & I was about to go, when I tossed out just once more .... I'm on! Once again, they couldn't believe it! Brought him in & Headed home! A successful Xmas fishing trip! I will smoke this lot & see if I can get a couple more for a crumbed meal as well for our guests. Sails will be here in early Jan, so hope to get him into some Breakwal blackies as well!

Xmas Day 2007 Blackiespost-2231-1198576568_thumb.jpg

Cheerio for now


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Hi guys - it was a terrific end to Chrissy Day!! Still have some tackle to put away that I got from the other half! I bought it & wrapped it up & put it under the tree, to me from him! WHen I opened it, I figured at least one of us got the surprise, & I got what I wanted! :1prop:

Went back for a couple of hours this morning to do the last of the out, hoping for some more fun - but it didn't happen. They were there, I could see them parading back & forth - big fish, too! Ne'er mind - a good reason for getting out of bed early on Boxing Day! May have to try again this evening!



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Hi Beachwormer - glad you like the Vegequarians - my trout fishing buddy in Canberra put me onto that term, as she is one too!! I thought it was brilliant!

Bazle brush - if you are ever up this way, give me a yahoo! We can hit the water together! I am sure you'd be able to teach me more than I could teach you! :P

I should be over there as we speak, but Keith took off for a swim & didn't wait for me to get off the phone!! :ranting2: Not funny, Jan! Hmmm, he has just returned ..... still an hour of so I could fish ...... nah! Plenty of fish in the sea!



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G'day Roberta,

just found Fishraider and I love it! We just got back from my sisters at Scone and fishing at Glenbawn, pretty quite up there on the fish front, but a beautiful place to fish. Just a quick question, I am coming up at the end of January and would love to try the Luderick fishing, I know it's a sin to ask, but where is a good place to get some weed for bait? BTW, I catch my mullet near the first oyster lease in the first channel just around from the Tuncurry Boat Ramp. Only on a runout tide, with plenty of soaked bread crumbs for berley. Thanks for the reports as we get up there as much as possible, we love it up there!


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Hi Jon

I usually cut from the top of the neck 'cos it is easier to hold them securely with a towell & I don't scratch myself! When I used to cut their throats & break their necks, I always got lots of nasty scratches that really hurt & also dropped a few & lost them - hence using the towell so they don't slip & I gradually refined my killing method to what I do now!! It also bleeds & cuts their neck in the one movement! They make a funny 'pharting' noise when the knife cuts thru to their throat, so you know when to stop!

Hi Lukeanna

:1welcomeani: to Fishraider!! For regular weed, it is an open secret that you can get it at low tide on the Forster Breakwall, just past the Coastal Patrol. There is a tidal pond there that it usually grows in. It gets very scarce from about March on, so if you come up then, bring plenty of your own local stuff - some for you & some for me!! :thumbup::yahoo: That is when people start shutting up about where they get their weed!!

Give me a yahoo when you come up & we can hit the water together!! Most of our guests should have left by then!! Yum! Mullet! Great in the smoker (as are luderick!)

See ya


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