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Sydney To Hobart


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Any one else out yesterday would no how it was. the harbour was crazy!!! had a tough time not crashing.

the swell was reasonable but the wash from the baots made it worse than a washing machine.

i couldnt beleive people were actually out in yaks amongst the boatss!! suicide!

was the busiest ive ever seen the harbour.

anyone else go out there???

cheers Mcfusher

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"Like most places at the moment you have to take your own water." thats a good one!

I went out on a cruise from the Sydney Flying Squad, from 10 to 4. It was really good, but the hour from 3pm to 4pm was a killer...

Saw one James Packer on the back of his monster, and called out to him but he didn't respond, of course. He must get it all the time... but hey, we have to make him earn his money! ;-) The restraint he used not to look up or better still tell me to go jump must have been worth a few $10k's at his hourly rate. Hahahaha.

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