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Shimano Curado 200dpv


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G,day Raiders.

I went out to that new tackle shop in Fairy Meadow (just outside Wollongong) Saturday 22nd Dec, just to have a peek at what was on offer.

Now as I have been contemplating for some time now on buying the prior mentioned reel, I just happened to head straight for the reel cabinet and was stunned to see the price thay had this reel ticketed at, $279. :1yikes: Now thats on an average $60 cheeper than I have seen it any where else, so I bought it, :yahoo: as if I needed another reel anyway!!!!! :05:


These reels are just so well made, every thing feels right. It all fits together nicely, very precice, and no play in any of the parts where you would expect in a cheeper reel.

Now I will just have to save up for a nice 4 to 8kg stick to put it on! Lokking at spending any where from $100 to $220 on a good stick

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :thumbup:


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