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Hi everyone,

I'm a Noob, just signed up today. Looks like you have a great forum here so I'm looking forward to spending a bit of time here.

I have a keen interest to get into fishing. I have no real experience apart from a handful of outlings about 10 years ago so I'd appreciate some advise on gear and how to 'learn' to fish!

I have a Shimano Billwhip laying around here somewhere (in a groovy red velvet bag) but I'm not sure what type of fishing its suitable for. I have no other equipment so any advise on what I should get is appreciated (hoping to take advantage of the Sydney sales to get some gear!!).

I have no fishing buddies or boat so I'll be doing some 'safe' rock fishing - nothing too tricky as I will be solo most the time.

Can anyone offer any advise so I dont wast my $$ buying the wrong stuff?


Ali :thumbup:

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:1welcomeani: to the Site Ali.

There are a lot of keen rock fishos on the site and they will help you out for sure.

Just a quick tip as you start your new journey,

Rockfishing should always be done with a friend and make sure you do all the saftey checks before you venture onto any ledges.

Regards Swordfisherman

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I have been fishing for a long time and a long time ago I decided that the exposed rocks (those facing the open ocean) are no place for me. I'm not altogether happy with the risk. I am a very strong swimmer but the surf has taught me a few lessons I don't want to revisit in the vicinity of rocks.

Now that's just me. However, as a newby, I don't recommend rock fishing without the presence of someone in the know and definitely not solo.

There are so many options available to you that are more appropriate for fishing alone. From the shore around Sydney Harbour certainly comes to mind.

As to tackle, I would start with a 7ft rod 4-8kg with a 4000=5000 size reel. Put some 12Lb Fireline on your reel and that is in my opinion about as versatile a combo as you could get together. It wont be suitable for everything, but with a spare spool you will cover a lot of situations.

Another tip is to get to some socials and keep an eye on this site. There is someone (sorry I cant remember who) that is looking for regular company on his boat. How good an offer is that.

Welcome to the site.



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Thanks for the advise so far guys - much appreciated!

You guys are right.....I think shore stuff rather than rock stuff will be the go'er for me as a solo adventure. I have fond memories of rock fishing in my 'younger days' with rellies and I had a ball. Will take your advice though and save it for when I have some fishing buddies just to be safe.

Go Fish at Dural looks good. Will try and head up there tomorrow :-)

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Good call Alison , Pete will look after you very well . We have purchased a bit of gear from him , and his advice has always been spot on !

For general fishing , as Mitch suggested , a 7' fibreglass rod is the go . Then match the reel to what sort of fishing you would like to do . Soft plastics , bait , live bait , lures etc . Pete will have the right combination for what you need !!


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Well I just got back from an excursion to Go Fish at Dural and I can't speak highly enough of them - thanks guys!

Pete and Chuck really looked after me for all the basic gear and some newbie advise (and I even fond a fellow motorbike rider - yay! Hmmmm, maybe a Ride'n'Fish trip is in order!).

Seems my old Bullwhip is quite a goodie so I'll keep that as my rod and I've been set up with a Shimano Sedona 2500FB reel and some 6kg Lo-Stretch line - Im sure that means something to some of you LOL! Anyway, it feels nice and smooth and I'm sure it'll do the job.

I got a basic tackle box kit to start me off and a few soft lures aswell as my license and a 'fishing for dummies' book (aka Ron Calcutts Complete Book of Fishing).

So looks like tomorrow is the day to test it all out seeing its still Double Demerits and the motorbike should stay locked in the garage until its 'safe' to ride again :thumbup:

And yes Shadda, another 32yo .....guess the forum name's a giveaway LOL. I'm around Carlingford so will just be headed along the river system somewhere I spose.



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That's what we like to hear. Hope you told them you were a fishraider member and received your special card and discount!

Our sponsors are chosen carefully for their excellence in service and product :thumbup:

You are welcome to join the Kingie Social on 6th January CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

There will over 100 raiders there to meet up with - bring the family and or friends for a great day.

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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