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Pb Sydney King

evan rude

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Gday all,

Fished the harbour on friday and picked up a PB kingy. I tryed all the usual spots around for not much at all until about the top of the tide when i picked up this fish. It was caught on 30lb braid on a large whole fresh squid downrigged. It put up a great fight towing me and my 13ft tinnie around for about 20 mins.

It weighed 16kg gutted and went 120cm from nose to tip of the tail.


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you certantly didnt miss that criminal mate, seen him swim past yah with a balaclava

on, you turn the sirens on, he tryed to out run you thinking he was to quik for hes own good

if i was you mate when i got him in the boat i would of said to him, anything you can do i can do better


top fish mate

from the brush

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