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Dollies At The Fad


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Quick report,

Headed out from Botany at around 6:30am with 6 large Slimies in the tank, 2 of which were prime Marlin sized baits :biggrin2:

Hit up the BB FAD early on with the 8lb gear for 3 small dollies 50 odd cm (lots of fun on the light stuff). The school soon disappeared so it was time for a bit of trolling.

Went out to 120m and trolled up the current, then back and through the Peak and some surrounding marks. On the way toward the FAD again a hookup on a Rapala X-RAP saw a 58cm Dollie landed by Dad. A few casts at the FAD saw another one boated same size (Dad again) with many missed hits for me :ranting2:



The weather got better as the day went on, minimal wind which made it easy to spot the Dollies 5m underwater, without polarised sunnies.

Dollies are here, hope to hear plenty more reports!


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