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Drag Screw Blues

PJ Garn

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Hi again Raiders

Ventured out yesterday to a new spot just down from a place called Norton's Basin on my lovely Nepean River. It was certainly a hot day in more than one respect... with the mercury nudging 40 degrees celcius in the shade and some great carping action on my ultralight lure flick stick (you'll understand why I was fishing this when you read my latest poem!!)

I arrived at just gone 10.30am and after a mammoth walk in, a little bit of a reckie was required as it was my virginal outing at this spot. Within a few steps on these new banks I was in heaven... but unfortunately those who had been there before me had left their mark!!! (empty cans, bottles and tackle packaging littered this pristine location) :(:(


Note: Due to the panorama it apears that the opposite bank is curved... infact it was relatively straight!!!

I set up my gear (my old faithful 7 footer and my 5 foot ultralight flick stick) and fished the first location for around three hours!!! I was entertained periodically by schools of Bully Mullet (a saltwater species that comes up the Nepean) playing happily in the shallows chasing the crusts from my pizza from the night before. I witnessed a solitary Carp cruise my swim only to disappear into the depths near my hookbaits but to no avail. So I wrote my new poem to entertain myself and worked on my fishing business idea!!!

Drag Screw Blues

A new spot today,

To try my Carpin’ luck,

I head for the Gorge,

In my little white truck. (Actually a Holden Combo)

I come to where,

Two great Rivers, they meet,

The Nepean’s arm,

At Waragamba’s feet.

The walk in quite hard,

But too difficult not,

Down bush tracks and cliff faces,

Another idyllic spot!

But as I arrive,

At a likely location,

My reel spool falls off,

From where once it was on!!!

You see, I swapped lines!!!

At home... earlier on,

And failed to tighten it,

In my rush to be gone.

So I retrace my steps,

In hope of a reprieve,

My eyes like a hawks,

I pray I’ll retrieve.

But my luck is not in,

Long grass and weedy nooks,

My new rod’ll sit dry,

Today it won’t see any hooks.

Now as I lie,

The Cicadas they sing,

I watch these fair waters,

And wonder what they might bring?

And although I’m saddened,

I can’t use my new gear,

I’ve got two more rods with me,

So I’ve nothing to fear!

Please learn from my mistake,

I’ve given you the clues,

Double check your tackle,

Or suffer the drag screw blues.

Eventually two young Serbian fishos fishing a deeper pool just along from my chosen spot packed up and left with their quarry (a single Carp of less than a pound - destined for their table???), so I changed spots and set up on the elevated bank that they had been fishing since dawn.

I was just relieving my thirst when (you guess it!!!) my ultralight rod baited with a double sweetcorn pop-up on a hairrig receives a bite, the bite alarm let out a solitary beep as I grabbed the rod from it's rest. She took off like a bullet downstream as I fiddled with the front drag screw to slow her down!!! She headed into the bank as I struggled with the five foot rod to in an attempt to stop her from taking me into snags and to keep my line off the low lying branches of nearby trees (it's time like these that my new 12 foot rod would have come in handy!!! :o ) but eventually she turned headed out for deeper water and upstream for the safety of more snaggy locations she knows. Again I turn her and finally she is beaten and heads for me and my net on the elevated platform but I can still hear the tension and strain on the rod through the 4lb flurocarbon line each time she sees my net and lunges for her liberty!!! After a valiant battle I subdue her and guide her to the brim of my net... success on 4lb with a 12lb 6oz beauty!!!


Nearing my net after 15 minutes of fun!!!


A happy PJ Garn and his latest effort!!!

I fished on for another couple of hours with just another take missed once again on the sweetcorn. My boilies didn't even get a look in!!! So at about 4.30pm I packed up, picked up those other mongrels rubbish and readied myself for the long walk out whilst searching for my lost drag screw!!! Alas, no luck!!! It's gone forever... so I'm off to the tackle store to procure another!!!


Another view this time from my elevated spot looking downstream!!!


My new "homemade" bite detector attachment!!! What do you call these things???

Cheers as always

PJ Garn

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