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Sick And Tired Of People Doing The Wrong Thing.


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I was down at JB during Chirstmas and hooked into some rats.

Lots of people did, I saw them.

I can only say that not all boats were putting them back.

I even saw a cpl of blokes come back to Murrays, Put the boat on the trailer, then

procceed to clean 8 or 9 Kings that were WELL UNDERSIZE right there at the ramp.

On telling them that the NEW legal size was 65cm all i got was a gnarly glance, BUT,

after turning my back whilst holding my phone to my ear, faking a call to the DPI that

was easily loud enough for them to hear, Well, would you believe that

they SH!T themselves and litteraly ran to the car and took off in a cloud of dust.

Rotten PIGS give the rest of us a bad name.

If members like I could shame them right here as I got there rego ( Car and Boat) and Boat name.

I reckon it would be worth the death threats because it only takes a couple of bad eggs to ruin

everything for the majority of law abiding folk that endevour to do the right thing.

To give an example or two:

I love Jervis Bay, so much so i have been going back for 20 years or so and used

to dive for octopus on the many reefs down there.

The first time i took my Girl down ( MANY Years ago) , I caught 2 Bream in the morning,

then imeadiately after, I went for a dive and caught a couple of octopus, which were

promply cleaned and beaten, then on my arival home, my mornings catch ( Bream included)

was then throw onto the BBQ and dished up to my soon to be wife who has never tasted such

a fresh seafood meal and has told me, even though i regularily catch fish and cook them straight away

as then, it is just not the same without the octopus.

When JB was turned into a marine park, to my surprise Octopus became PROTECTED in the bay.

Why??? When we would dive and catch a few in the morning, there was a good chance that a new Oci

would be occupying the previously removed tennants crevice by the afternoon or next morning.

Then I remembered the groups that would plunder particular areas taking everything!!, not caring

at all about size ( not that there is a legal size) or Quantity, I'm talking 50+ animals EACH!!!.

O.K you say, BUT the methods they used were the biggest problem, you see they use chemicals to

force the oci out of its crevice making the capture much easier and rendering the immeadiate area

unlivable to anything fishy for the next week at the very least.

Then there was the LOW TIDE brigade that would wait till the low, then come to the reef with

Crowbars and Sledge Hammers and commence smashing up the soft stone to get to them.

Getting the Drift?????????

Then there is another example( Not Fishing but still relevant):

When Mr Bryant of Port Arthur Fame decided to do his terrible thing, The Prime Minister demanded

all Automatic, Semi Automatic, Pump action weapons become outlawed and provided an amnesty

for gun owners to hand in there weapons for compensation, GOOD!! I hear you say, BUT,

that is where the Problem lies, who handed there weapons in???????? THE HONEST GUY OF COURSE.


I lost some family heirlooms then, I was taught to hunt by my father with my late

Grandfathers weapon, and it brought a tear to my eye when i saw it crushed.

The moral to my dummy spit is simple, If you know its wrong DON'T DO IT!!!!!

And if you see somebody doing wrong, DON"T get into a fight and start throwing punches, but,

let them know that they are doing wrong, some people honestly don't know, HOWEVER,

far too many just don't Care!!!!

What do you think??


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I am all with you. List the regos and let the other fishos fix them on the water. Maybe even the fisheries will be bothered to do something about these offenders!!!

After all, we have fishing licences to help protect our waters!!!!

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Hi Guys ,for a starter this is not the place to post this stuff.

Fisheries News and politics please.

There will be NO posting of peoples personal details on this forum,especially REGO NUMBERS

Anyone doing this will be banned from the site.

Remember the site rules as well on this subject.

Regards Swordfisherman.

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