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Reel To Suit Berkley Drop Shot Salwater Series 10'6

Dan A

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I have been given a Berkley Saltwater drop shot ford for chrissy which is 10'6 long which is suited to a line class of 4-7kg 10-40gm. I want to use it for spinning off the beach for tailor so will probably load it up with 14lb line.

Any recommended reel for use on this rod. Have tried to find a piccy on the net.

I have a Shimano Ultegra 2500 which doesn't get much use anymore, do you think If i spooled this up with some heavier braid it would be sufficient?


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You mentioned you want to use it for spinning for Tailor & Sambos so I suggest you stay away from the baitrunner because they cast like a dog. My suggestion is a Okuhma V series. Good price, great drag system & cast very well. Have a look & you might be impressed.


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I agree with the other guys that 4000 is about right. High speed might be the go. I suggest the Pflueger Supreme 8040mg, a brilliant ultralight magnesium reel from Pflueger that is also hish speed with 6.2:1. If you don't want high speed, then consider a Pflueger Medalist 6040 a silar reel in full alloy and normal speed. I have both of these reels and they are brilliant value for money at around $200 and $130 respectively. I do not think there is anything else on the market that competes with these reels that their respective price points.

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