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How Heavy Outboard


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Hi, first post. Thinking of upgrading to a new etec outboard motor. I have a Suzuki DT65 1986 model and would like to know the weight of this motor to compare with new motor.The boat I have is a Quintrex 4.6M Reefrunner of the same vintage in great condition.Any help would be appreciated.Also how expensive is a new motor fitted of similar size and weight.

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Hi evopete and :1welcomeani: to the site.

I would say do an internet search on your outboard,should find specs somewhere.

I would also suggest you contact Huey,one of the site sponsers.You can find his details in the sponser section.He would be the best person to talk to in regards to which outboard/and price would match your boat.



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Hi Pete and welcome to Fishraider. Your engine will be very similar in weight to a new 2 Cylinder E-TEC. The E-TEC weighs 109kg and even though it will be slightly heavier than your old Suzuki your boat would be fine with a 60HP E-TEC,and most of the extra weight will be the heavy duty gearbox the E-TEC runs and the SST prop that E-TEC come with.

I honestly think the 60HP E-TEC would be the best power for your boat becasue you will gain performance with halving your fuel/oil usuage as well as getting a MUCH nicer running / cleaner engine.

PM me and I will be able to give you the "Raider" price for a 60HP E-TEC installed ready to go enjoy.



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