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Rod Hogger In Botany Bay


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Hi All

Being on school holidays Rod Hogger is pestering me constantly now to hit the water at every opportunity and upon seeing the weather forecast for the next few days decided we should try and make the most of this morning. Still have lots of slimey mackeral in the freezer so bait was not a problem and with the high tide headed straight for the HWO.

The water was very dirty with lots of weed & kelp from the big swell and no kingies to be found :(

However we found some good size bream on the chew. They were very tentative and were only mouthing the baits. We managed half a dozen with that many dropped again as we were lip hooking them only. All were keepers with none undersized and with RH managing another 38cm bruiser to go with his other big bream caught earlier in the week. This one went really hard and took line against the drag several times which had me expecting a good sized pinkie at first.

Once RH got bored with this (which doesn't take too long) we zipped across to one of the drums but only found big yellowtail (all 40cm +). Also had several bite offs with us hooking the fish, bringing them half way to the boat and then losing the hooks with clean breaks. This happened at least 5-6 times so must be something with sharp teeth down there (jackets?)

Ended up keeping 5 and headed to Molli Point although didn't have much joy there either. One of the big livies was harrassed by something as it did a few big lunges/laps around the boat at one stage.

The final episode was a small occy caught on a SP. It must have had 10 lts of ink in him as he had several goes in the water and then after I lifted him in he had a few more over me and the outboard. RH at this stage was at the furthest tip of the bow not wanting to be in range.

We also had a visit by fisheries inspectors and they commented that they had not seen a lot of good fish caught in any of the other boats. All in all another pleasant day on the Bay.


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Well done on a good feed mate..

The big breams are starting to show up in the bay and the harbour...got onto over a dozen of em last weekend in the harbour too. Shame about the lack of kingies, better luck next time :thumbup: .


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nice report nicnac ,rod hogger looks plesed with himself there dont he,with a grin from ear to ear ,real good quality time i reckon fishing with your kids ,top stuff mate

we fished the bay a 3 of times last week and struggled to scratch up a feed although on one trip we got 4 blurtters ranging from 59cm to 64cm three of them were released and a few flatie s that were released into the ice box


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