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Hathead Creek Open?


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G'day Methodman,

I had a look last week and it was fine, shallow, but open and running well. But we're getting flogged by huge sees right now (6 to 8 ft nor-east swell and 30 knt winds), so who knows what the creek mouth looks like! I'm sure it will be open (Ive never seen it fully closed), though the very mouth could be a total mess after this crazy weather...



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Ive been going there since i was aged zero (so 32 years) and ive never seen it closed or heard about it being closed. It does get shallow at low tide, but I dont think its the type to close. The rocks on the south side of the inlet form a firm mouth, and protect the mouth from waves coming from the east.

Have seen the river completly changed after heavy weather and flooding but. The characteristic shape it has with the rocks on the south and the big sand flat on the north where it joins to the beach was gone, and waves were coming down the creek. Also the sand flats underneath the footbridge were totally different. And the poor yabbies got hammered - but are there in healtyh numbers ATM (according to my Dad).

But, in terms of fish in the creek, well, there are a lot of toads!

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Gday Guys,

I'm also up there from the same weekend as Methodman, so am very interested in this topic.

thanks for any info in advance. Hope to see you up there Meth, might catch up for a beer or two.

dont forget to take the muffs off after flushing this time. :1prop:


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some of my family members just spent 2 weeks at hathead.my father in law said there were huge schools of blackfish, and loads of bream. One of his diver mates said he saw a flathead that was atleast a metre long, and the local kids were trying to catch it with no luck. Plenty of fish in the creek, but the toads were a problem. as soon as the bait hit the water, they were stripping your bait.

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