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Harbour Flathead Are Back!


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Hi raiders,

Hit the water just quickly this morning for a couple of hours. Went for a plastics session with my brother to Balmain. My brother landed a healthy flathead before we called it a day. Not much to report except alot of lost pumpkin seed SP's.

I guess it is good the trawlers are now out of this band of water. We can finally see and catch the fish. This fish took a pumpkinseed two inch.


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Nice eating size flathead your brother got hold of there squidboy. :thumbup:

Looking at the pic he would be just the perfect bloke to send out wading at night to stomp a bit of sand up in flathead country, ay. :D

Well done on soft plastics around Balmain mate.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Thanks Jewjaffer,

I should send him out tonight so we can go for another session tomorrow lol


I did share the information. The spot the lure and the fish. Why do you need to know my boat rego ? Pretty scary isnt it ?


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