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Harbour 7th And 8th Jan


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Just a quick one.

Fished yesterday with fellow raider Landbased and put him on to his first downrigged king. a Last years keeper but a king none the less. We landed one more that was smaller and ran out of live squid and with that ran out of hits. Great day but no keepers.

Fished today, Squid were rare as hens teath. 5 hours for 5 squid???? much the same from every other boat out there. Did convert those 5 squid to 2 kings just over the 65 mark again at the usual haunts. afeter 1 hour into the high tide the kings dissapeared

So Went to plan B. Servo Prauns did the damage at spot W. Nailed 12 bream to 33cm, 1 trev, 1 flattie to 47cm. Droped a rod in the water and retrieved it with another rod thank god. As it fell over the side all i thought was ****. i was almost in after it. My mate and the surrounding boats were in stitches.. I was more pissed at myself for doing something so stupid.

Caught a big slimy and another squid and draged them around for a bit more to have them boath smashed up with no hookup.

called it a day at 3pm.

Sorry guys no pics today. will post them when i wake up in a week or so.. My eyes are hanging from my head but what a blast

ohh btw all the bream were caught in the space of an hour.

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:biggrin2: WOW what a sleep....

Thanks guys for the words.

Have noticed in the last 2 sessions that with 2 downriggers i am getting heaps better results but need 2 get into a heap more squid. Should look at running 3. Now that would be hectic fishing solo!!! I have also noted that the Shark Bomb is getting the same hits as the standard bomb but more testing is needed.

No pics will be posted on this report cause i cant be bothered and beside there isnt anything worth showing off. Its just a report stating that the rats have returned and there is a heap of bream in the harbour at the moment. there were 4 boats in the same area all smashing them yesterday. I havent seen bream fishing like this in the harbour in years. Things are looking good. :thumbup:

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No prob mate. Will send the pic for you when i download onto the computer next.


it sucks doesnt it. When your free just get your ass out there and smash a few. You know you want to. i reckon this weekend is going to bring some grins to a lot of peoples faces!

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